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Homepage Help --- Notes

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For this tutorial, you will need the following:  
    Important !!! Before you create a homepage, you need to register an account for your homepage. You may choose 1 among serveral FREE homepage provider such as: 1. TRIPOD (11 MB) at (recommended), 2. EASY SPACE (25 MB) at (recommended), 3. GEOCITIES (11 MB) at (NOT recommended --- because ads and address is too long to remember), 4. XOOM (11MB) at http:/ (NOT recommended --- because the frame they add on all members (suck !!!), 5. FORTUNECITIES (20 MB) at (NOT recommended --- because homepage address is long too remember)
    1. Netscape Composer --- You can find it in Netscape Communicator 4.0 or above ( here, I am using Netscape Composer 4.51)
   2. An Edit Pad Edit Pad (is an excellent text editor which allows multiple files open at once, and more. If you like/use EditPad, the author only requires that you send a postcard. Definitely worth a look for those who are still creating their html with Windows Notepad) which you can  download for FREE at (you need WinZip 7.0 to unzip it)
    3. A FTP
ws_ftp (Download Ipswitch's WS_FTP Limited Edition, the world's most popular FTP client for Windows. This is a shareware product, please follow the licensing agreement included in the install. ) to upload images, html files, etc to your account at XOOM or GEOCITIES or TRIPOD, etc. You may download it for FREE at
NOTE !!!
    If you have CUTE FTP (CuteFTP is a Windows-based File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client that allows users to utilize the capabilities of FTP without having to know all the details of the protocol itself.) is also fine ! Check out ! However it's not  a FREE software. However, check out . In this tutorial I will use Cute FTP 2.8.
   To keep tract the number of people who come to visit your website, you may register a FREE Counter at .

NOTE !!!

    Please also note that the gif file such as pegasus.gif pegasus.gif you will not see it moves if you're using Frontpage Exprex or Frontpage 98. But if you open the Netscape Communicator --- go to File, Open Page, and select the file pegasus.gif in Netscape (default selected) !!! (Not in Composer !!!). There, you will see it moves !
    For this tutorial, I will take Homepage of Lien Thi for my example. I will show you step by step how I created  Homepage for Lien Thi.
    Please download (save) the following images to your hard drive before creating Lien Thi's Homepage !!! Save it to your C:\Homepage\

1.about_thi.gif about_thi.gif
3.dragon.gif dragon.gif
4.email_thi.gif email_thi.gif
5.emailcongau.gif emailcongau.gif
7. flowerba.gif flowerba.gif
8.guestbook.gif guestbook.gif
9.index_purle.gif index_purle.gif
10.lienthi.jpg lienthi.jpg
11.pegasus.gif pegasus.gif
12. sign_thi_gb.gif

13.signbook.gif signbook.gif
14.starglow.gif starglow.gif
15.thi_favorite_link.gif thi_favorite_link.gif
16.thi_friends.jpg thi_friends.jpg
17.thi_sis.jpg thi_sis.jpg
18.thi02.jpg thi02.jpg
19.viewbook.gif viewbook.gif
20. vine.gif
21. welcome_thi.gif
22.WelcomeBongHong.gif WelcomeBongHong.gif
23. borderbuico.gif

24. dragon dragon_right.gif
link_purle.gif (2838 bytes) link_purple.gif

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