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Homepage Help --- Upload your homepage

1. USE CUTE FTP 2.8:
- Check out http://members2.easyspace/vietchats/CuteFTP/ for Cute FTP 2.8
- What Cute FTP version 2.8 look like ?
- It looks like Figure 18 below:

Figure 18: Cute FTP version 2.8
Figure 18: Cute FTP version 2.8

- Assume you register an account at and get a user name as: lienthi and password: iloveyou . This is how you use Cute FTP 2.8 to access to your accout at

- In Cute FTP 2.8, click FTP ---> Site Manager.
On the Right window: click Addsite , it will popup another window
at Site label, enter: Lien Thi
at Host type: Auto-Detect
at Host Address: type
- at User ID: enter lienthi
- at Password: enter iloveyou
- at Login type: check Normal on
- at Transfer Type: check Auto-Detect on
Click OK
Leave others ...don't touch.

To CONNECT to your account:
- Click FTP ---> Site Manager
- Select LienThi on the Right window, and click Connect button under.
Here are some shortcuts:

Figure 19: Shortcuts from Cute FTP version 2.8
Figure 19: Shortcuts from Cute FTP version 2.8

- After you can access to your account:
***On the LEFT Window, change the directory to C:\Homepage\, all the file from C:\Homepage\ will show on the Left window.
- Select all the files on the left window ( click the first file, hold it, press Shift, hold it, and move your cursor to the last file of the LEFT Window, click that last file, now everything is highlighted.) . Click the Erect Arrow from shortcut ( see Figure 19 ) to upload all the file.
- You may select one by one file and click Erect Arrow to upload, however, it will take very long.
- You may also select only files you want to upload by Press Control (Ctrl), hold it, and select the files you want to upload, by doing this, only highlighted files will be uploaded.

NOTE: you may also check a Tutorial using Cute FTP offered by XOOM

In case you don't have Cute FTP 2.8, you may use the FREE WS FTP LE uploader. You may check for more more details.

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